Wednesday, September 15, 2010


lately, ive been tinkin..
obviously bout my tym management..
diz sem ive been very2 bz..
rotu trainin, psta konvo, prim's charity day, junior camp...
den, where iz my std..??
seems lyk there is no place 4 it already..
std is my 1st priority, but i hav a very2 big rsponsibilty wif  d others..
den, i alwiz put my std aside..
however, i dun wan 2 get lower pointer diz sem...
ive promise 2 myself dat i'll stop d others n concntr8 on rotu if i din reach my trget..
but, then....
i din hav a gr8 tym in rotu...
im hepi if i cud skip d trainin..
i prefer 2 get bust wif other xtvties..
den, ive come up wif an option..
quit rotu..!!!

may i??
4 me, rotu wastes lots of my tym..

but, it do hav lots of benefits..
smtyms, i wonderin..
do i qualified 2 juin rotu??
im wearin spectcles, wif a very high power...
i din hav a gr8 stength..
i cant shoot well...
i din march well..
i cant run fast...
i h8 those insects..
den, wut did i hav dat suits d qualification 2 b a rotu trainee??


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