Saturday, September 18, 2010

diz entry is spcially 4 sum1 dat i used 2 hangout 2gether, d wan dat i luv very much.. but r8 now, she is  d wan dat i h8, i wish i wudn't meet her anymore...

d laz tym we met iz b4 i entered utm.. b4, my 2nd yr in kmpk.. after den, nvr met her.. therefore, after enterin utm, i planned a few reunion.. i tink i shud call it s reunion, s it has been a very long tym after our last met..
however, she d wan dat i used 2 luv, d wan dat i used 2 call s bff nvr juin d reunion..


'weyh.. sori sgt2.. ak xbleh juin, da xtvt famly..'

'ak kna tny mumy dlu, tkot mumy kta ak xmo juin xtvt fmly plak..'

but, alsan nie dy slalu bg laz min.. meetin 2day, but she gave her answer in d early of d mornink.. or, she nvr giv us an answer.. disappointed...!!!
luckily, dpt gak jmp dy kt fb.. 2 pown, im d wan hu met her... dy nk jmp ak?? omg~~~ im wonderin, is she ever look 4 me??
msg?? nvr msg me b4.. im d wan hu start 2 giv a sms.. but, im so lucky if get a rply from her..

tegt one day.. kuaq ngan hazie ke bj, a very common place dat we used 2 hangout 2gether.. ak, hazie, ann dan dy.. so, blk je drpd hangout, ak troz on9, n post dat how much i miss d moment we had together.. i oso tagged them in my post.. tp, dy nk komen?? jgn hrp.. sdgkn, ak tgk dy da je on9 a few days after dat..

mgkn ak cm emo je kn?? tp, im d wan closest to her.. so, sgt trasa weyh... dy xsyg kew frenship nie cm yg km syg?? tp, knpa dy cm xjga frenship nie cm yg km jga??

What are we fighting over?
I simply do not know.
You have me lost in thoughts,
I'm tossing to and fro.

Soon you will be gone,
And you'll blame this all on me.
What can I say or do,
So the mistake we both can see.

Why did you pick this fight,
With me before you go?
I'm all alone and lost,
But of this you do not know.

If you don't say goodbye,
Before you turn and leave.
What am I supposed to do,
Except to cry and grieve?!

I thought our friendship was special,
I thought it meant a lot.
If you felt the same way,
Why are we stuck in this knot?

I don't like good-byes,
But in this we have no choice.
If you won't speak to me,
the good-bye's will come from MY voice.

We've managed through other fights,
But this one's not the same.
I'm not having any fun,
And I won't to stop this game.

I'm not good at soirees,
So I'll do my best with this.
I have one last request,
It is my goodbye wish.

I wish that we were friends again,
Before WE say GOODBYE.
Now that this is off my chest,
I wait and sit and sigh.

borrowed from What If She Leaves Without Saying Good-Bye by Catherine James

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

im here 2 write on bout my famly..
cm lwk je ak ngan fmly ak nie..
slalu je nk gdo, tp gdo mstey xkn lma..
lam msa bbrpa minit pown da bleh baek..
papa pown, fmly shud b d wan nearest 2 us r8??
wut is fmly 4??
wutever it is, i luv my fmly..
ntah papa...

famlyku yg tchenta.. tp, k long+famly missing

lately, ive been tinkin..
obviously bout my tym management..
diz sem ive been very2 bz..
rotu trainin, psta konvo, prim's charity day, junior camp...
den, where iz my std..??
seems lyk there is no place 4 it already..
std is my 1st priority, but i hav a very2 big rsponsibilty wif  d others..
den, i alwiz put my std aside..
however, i dun wan 2 get lower pointer diz sem...
ive promise 2 myself dat i'll stop d others n concntr8 on rotu if i din reach my trget..
but, then....
i din hav a gr8 tym in rotu...
im hepi if i cud skip d trainin..
i prefer 2 get bust wif other xtvties..
den, ive come up wif an option..
quit rotu..!!!

may i??
4 me, rotu wastes lots of my tym..

but, it do hav lots of benefits..
smtyms, i wonderin..
do i qualified 2 juin rotu??
im wearin spectcles, wif a very high power...
i din hav a gr8 stength..
i cant shoot well...
i din march well..
i cant run fast...
i h8 those insects..
den, wut did i hav dat suits d qualification 2 b a rotu trainee??

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